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Restoration Iron Services

 For over 60 years Merker Ornamental Iron has been proud to serve a greater Dayton area for all your Ornamental Iron work needs.  We have also been offering restoration of your existing ornamental iron railing, furniture, yard art, fencing, gates, arbors, plant stands and other custom iron work items.  This includes free estimates for your items.


Pick up, Sandblasting, Weld Tune Ups, New Primer and Re Paint to ensure that your iron work will last for many years.  Many times the railing on your porch that you think needs replaced with rusted off post and a rusty finish can be restored for 50-60% of what replacement cost would be.  The railing in most cases will come back be re installed and look like the day it was made.  This will also come with a guarantee.


We also offer minor cement repair, such as broken corners on your porch due to water damage (why but new when we can restore your existing).


We also offer sandblasting, primer and new paint of historical patio furniture.  As you know, they don’t build furniture with the quality and stability as of years past.  This also comes with a paint guarantee.  Have that unique heirloom piece you want restored, this is also possible!  Merker Ornamental Iron also restores historical fence and gates, pool and yard fence with new latch systems, such as slide bolts, door knobs and dead bolts.


Fence would need to be evaluated as to the extent of restoration needs, please call for free estimate.  As always any restoration work done by Merker Ornamental Iron will receive are complete attention to detail to put your iron work back to original condition as close as possible.


As always if you are not sure if a piece can be restored please feel free to give us a call to set a meeting for a free estimate for your project.  Look forward to hearing from you!











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